Thursday, March 20, 2014


This week, Sydney has been saying words I never knew she knew before.  It is so entertaining listening to her try to speak her mind.  Todays word was "mouse".  Her friend Piper gave her a temporary tattoo of Mickey Mouse on her arm.  Sydney was pointing at it saying "mouse" when we got home.  It was a pleasant surprise.  She also said "cheese" many times as we had a snack the other day.  She has a little lisp so its so cute to listen to her. 

She also is getting the hang of her colors, animals, and clothing pieces.  Im always asking "whats that?" when she is looking or pointing at something.  And sometimes she surprises me with a new word, said as clear as day. 

Sydney recently named her blanky "Beebo".  "My beebo" is a frequent phrase when she reaches for it.  And she said "dody" when in the car yesterday.  Her dody is her pacifier.  My little baby is growing up so quickly!  And I am treasuring every minute possible. :)

Goodnight from a very blessed mommy.

Friday, March 14, 2014

The loss of a close friend stays with you always

Well, it has been quite the week.  Sydney has been an absolute joy.  So full of energy, a few new words, and proving how smart she is over and over.  Im so thankful I have her in my life. 

On Wednesday, I got news of the death of my good friend Michelle.  She fought a long battle with cancer and the cancer finally got her.  It was heart breaking to hear the news from her sister.  But being through the death of Sacha, I am ready to help her sister Steph through this as much as I can.  Its a terrible thing to experience.  Like me and Sacha, she and Michelle were best friends, very close. 

This week has brought back very detailed memories of losing Sacha.  The phone call from my dad telling me the news.  My call to Joel.  The week-long trip to North Dakota for her funeral.  Everything.  Sometimes reliving such memories isnt a bad thing.  But it sure does hurt the heart. 

So, tomorrow will be a rushed day.  After picking Sydney up at noon, Ill be going to Milwaukee, praying I make it to the last part of Michelles funeral.  I will have missed the visitation already.  If I miss the funeral, its okay.  Ill still appear and drop off the cards I have for the family, and the purple stuffed unicorn I received in the mail this week for Michelle.  I was planning on visiting her this weekend sometime.  The last time I saw her was at her benefit last year.  Im thankful she got to meet Sydney.  Below is a photo of them together.

Forever in my heart, Michelle will be.  I hope Sacha has welcomed her to the world of no pain, nice weather, and good people.  Sacha can show her the ropes of being a great angel.  Love you both, girls!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Wintertime favorite

One of my favorite things to do with Sydney this Winter has been going to story time at the local libraries.  She is usually pretty attentive when a book is being read or songs are being sung.  And afterwards, there is always playtime with the other kids and various toys the libraries pull out of hiding.  Here, she is pictured with a pile of books she walked around and grabbed from other kids when they weren't looking.  Shes so silly.  :)  I hope she is learning lots, though at this age its hard to tell.  But the socialization is definately something beneficial. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My sweet girl is back to her self. :)

Sydney has really been blossoming these last few days.  Her language skills are soaring, and her fun demeanor has fully returned after being sick two weeks ago.  She had a long 8 day case of the flu with high temperatures and lethargy.  She was feeling so yucky.  This mommy felt so bad that I couldnt do much for her, but so thankful all she wanted was for me to cuddle and soothe her.

Its amazing how something like seeing your baby with the flu makes you think twice about the next time you feel crappy.  If I now start to feel stiff and feverish, or get a sore throat, or an upset tummy, I just keep trudging through my day.  Because if I fall victim to a germ's nasty ways, Sydney will not get the care and attention she deserves.  She is my rainbow on a rainy day, my firefly on a summers night.  I adore her so much. :)

This weekend we spent an afternoon at a water park hotel with our friends.  Sydney had fun once she got used to the noise.  It was SUCH a load place.  Not really worth the price, but seeing the Carters made it worth while.  Attached is a picture of us on the "lazy river", and of her "playing" UNO with Colin.  When Morgan and Riley were eating their food, Sydney decided to steal some.  So there's a photo of Sydney caught in the act.  I'm thankful for a good camera on my phone.  :)  Lots of memories.