Tuesday, October 28, 2014

All moved in and enjoying our new home.

It has been longer than I intended, but we are all moved and settled into our own home. :)

We moved in the middle of September and Sydney and Clover settled right in.  Sydney spent her first night in her new room in a toddler bed.  She did great and had no issues with the crib to bed transition.  Her room is nice and big and she enjoys playing in it when we are home.  Clover gets to be outside frequently and gets along with the neighbors pug.  Its  nice neighborhood and quiet too. :)

Work is keeping me busy, along with donating plasma, and running thirty-one parties.  Lots on my plate.

Sydney is growing so fast and her vocabulary is so big.  She has started to sing songs, and counts to 30 along with learning her letters.  Im such a proud mommy.  Her 2nd birthday was fun.  We had dinner that day with friends at Perkins, and then a party at the cottage with family and a few friends.  She is so loved!

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