Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Potty training update, activities, the twins, and more

I kept meaning to type up an entry, but life has been busy and my evenings usually find me tired and hitting the pillow after running around and getting chores done.

Finally, here I am.
Okay, so the last post included potty news.  While Sydney still requests to use the toilet or potty chair occasionally, we are primarily back in diapers.  Im not going to push it as she is still very young.  But I think it is a clear indication that she knows what potty training is all about when she is capable of asking me to put her on the potty half way through bath time so she doesnt pee in the tub.  I think THAT is awesome.  :)

We have been keeping busy with story times, park play dates, lots of coloring, some painting, fine motor skill activities like putting pipe cleaners through holes in a colander, scooping dry lentils and peas from different size bowls back and forth, and more.  Sydney has fun with all of these things, and her vocabulary is just blossoming as she learns new words and terms.

Swimming lessons started last week, so we go on Tuesday evenings for a 25 minute class with about 8 other babies under 2 yrs old.  So far, she seems to enjoy it.  We have worked on safe entry, sitting jumps, standing jumps, and getting used to being on her belly and back in the water.  A few of the kids in the group also go to story time so its nice to see familiar faces.

Jason brought Sydney and Xander to the zoo in Green Bay on Fathers Day.  Sydney apparently had fun.  She loves animals so Im sure she enjoyed seeing them all.  I am planning a trip to the Madison zoo and the Milwaukee zoo in the coming months.  I know she will have a blast there too. 

It is strawberry picking time so I am hoping to take Sydney to a strawberry patch and pick a pint or two.  We will see how the weather cooperates.  Mosquitoes are out too so I am sure to come home bitten.  Maybe if we go early enough in they day we can avoid the heat and the bugs.

We went to Kellan and Declans 3rd birthday party.  Lots of fun.  I made them little superhero shirts and masks.  They seemed to like them.

Oh, and the Saturday before Fathers Day, Sydney went on her first kayaking excursion.  We were paddling with 3 other Yakkers.  It lasted about 1 hour, 45 min.  She had fun.  Jason was there too so we took turns having her in our boats.  Im glad she enjoyed it.  

Thats about it!  Sydney is keeping me busy.  And job hunts, apartment hunts, and insurance hunting all have me busy at night.  Fun stuff.  Until next time...

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