Friday, May 9, 2014

Potty training, sippy cups, and more!

In the few weeks since my last post, Sydney has been taking big steps in her little world of toddler-hood.  She no longer gets bottles.  She was only getting one at bedtime and one in the morning, but now she only gets one if she is overtired and cannot sleep, which is rare.  Sippy cups everywhere, always needing to be washed, always needing to be refilled.   :)  Thankfully she isnt picky about the kind of cup, so we have a good assortment. 

She also started to potty train.  She basically started herself.  Im letting her lead the way, with little nudges to help.  She has a "rewards" jar with sweet treats for when she has successes.  And we also have a stash of little toys like My Little Pony and Play Doh accessories.  She seems to understand when she needs to go, but we dont always get there on time.  She is still in diapers overnight, but we use pull-ups and toddler underwear during the day.  One day she went FIVE times!!  Many mornings, she wakes up with a dry diaper and pees in the potty right way.  Shes just amazing.  :)

The warmer weather is definately being enjoyed by us.  I have my bike in a bike shop getting the wheel fixed so the brakes no longer rub.  Hoping to have it back in a few days.  Sydney LOVES going on rides with me. 

We now have a YMCA membership, so thats exciting.  I hope to get Sydney into swimming lessons in a few weeks, and I hope to use the gym and other things there while Sydney is with Jason.  They have drop-in daycare so I can let Sydney play with other kids while I work out if I want.  Lets see how it all goes!  The YMCA was good enough to give me a discount through their "scholarship" program.  :)

Thats about it! 
I love my little girl, and Mothers Day this weekend will be just as special as it was the first year.  I will be making a stepping stone with her again, as I hope to make that a tradition.  I just have to go and buy the kit. 

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