Tuesday, December 13, 2016

2016 wrapping up

It seems "out of sight, out of mind" occurred with my blog.  Not that anyone really reads it, but it was not my intention to neglect it for so long. So here we are!  Nearing the end of 2016.  Ill give a few updates and then try to behave and check back in more often.

Sydney is now 4.  She started 4K in September which is in the same building as daycare, so she has some of her buddies in her class.  She seems to enjoy it.  She is learning how to write and spell, and read some very basic things.  Her teachers seem nice enough, though a bit odd. Sydney's vocabulary and language skills are incredible!  She tells stories, sings songs, and talks about the world around her in such detail and with such excitement.  She is just awesome.

Her favorite food right now is probably baked beans, apple sauce, and cheese.  She has recently decided that she enjoys "white soda" as a special treat sometimes.  She still loves going to Rhapsodies, and she loves pancakes.

Her favorite toy is probably her Lego box.  I switched her from Duplo's to regular Lego's in August for her birthday. She still has some Duplo's but she likes getting creative with the little pieces.

She still treasures her bobby blankets and sleeps with them every night.  Clover remains her best buddy and they sleep together at night now sometimes, which is really sweet.

Nathan is a fellow I met in October of 2015 and we have been going strong now for over a year.  Sydney adores him and he is so great with her.  They play together, he reads to her,  and he is a huge part of our lives.  Here's hoping he sticks around.  He is loved!

That's about it.  Mommy-hood continues to be exhausting but Sydney amazes me all the time with how strong she is, how smart she is becoming, and how loving she is.  She has had a rough time with her dad not treating her well but she is seeing a counselor and is doing well. 

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