Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My sweet girl is back to her self. :)

Sydney has really been blossoming these last few days.  Her language skills are soaring, and her fun demeanor has fully returned after being sick two weeks ago.  She had a long 8 day case of the flu with high temperatures and lethargy.  She was feeling so yucky.  This mommy felt so bad that I couldnt do much for her, but so thankful all she wanted was for me to cuddle and soothe her.

Its amazing how something like seeing your baby with the flu makes you think twice about the next time you feel crappy.  If I now start to feel stiff and feverish, or get a sore throat, or an upset tummy, I just keep trudging through my day.  Because if I fall victim to a germ's nasty ways, Sydney will not get the care and attention she deserves.  She is my rainbow on a rainy day, my firefly on a summers night.  I adore her so much. :)

This weekend we spent an afternoon at a water park hotel with our friends.  Sydney had fun once she got used to the noise.  It was SUCH a load place.  Not really worth the price, but seeing the Carters made it worth while.  Attached is a picture of us on the "lazy river", and of her "playing" UNO with Colin.  When Morgan and Riley were eating their food, Sydney decided to steal some.  So there's a photo of Sydney caught in the act.  I'm thankful for a good camera on my phone.  :)  Lots of memories.

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