Thursday, March 20, 2014


This week, Sydney has been saying words I never knew she knew before.  It is so entertaining listening to her try to speak her mind.  Todays word was "mouse".  Her friend Piper gave her a temporary tattoo of Mickey Mouse on her arm.  Sydney was pointing at it saying "mouse" when we got home.  It was a pleasant surprise.  She also said "cheese" many times as we had a snack the other day.  She has a little lisp so its so cute to listen to her. 

She also is getting the hang of her colors, animals, and clothing pieces.  Im always asking "whats that?" when she is looking or pointing at something.  And sometimes she surprises me with a new word, said as clear as day. 

Sydney recently named her blanky "Beebo".  "My beebo" is a frequent phrase when she reaches for it.  And she said "dody" when in the car yesterday.  Her dody is her pacifier.  My little baby is growing up so quickly!  And I am treasuring every minute possible. :)

Goodnight from a very blessed mommy.

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