Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring is here!

Spring has arrived!  Sydney and I really enjoyed the few days of higher temps.  Today, with a temp of 25 and a windchill of less, it was not so welcome.  But we got out and went to story time anyway.  Sydney loves it...she loves books, other kids, and all of the toys that appear after the stories have been read.  She is getting to know a few of the other kids a bit and it seems she feels more comfy there. 

Arts and crafts have been on our to-do list for the last week.  We have been making some Easter themed crafts to send to relatives, and so hang out around home.  Whenever I say, "would you like to paint?" or "would you like to color?"  her eyes light up.  She repeats "paint" or "color" clear as day.  I love that she loves stuff like that.  Its fun watching her. 

I have decided to curb my snacking, soda drinking, and fast food eating so as of today Im being strict with myself.  Im logging my food intake on My Fitness Pal, and logging any exercise I get in too.  Last week I had a "body scan" that lets me know my lean body mass vs fat body mass.  And a coach at Recharge talked with me about goals and how to achieve them.  So Im going to give it a try.  Log my food, get more exercise, and keep my metabolism cruising throughout the day.  Lets see what happens.  :)

Attached are a few pictures from the last week.  Enjoy.

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